Guess What’s Coming on 1st March? Your Personal Paradise!

Guess What’s Coming on 1st March? Your Personal Paradise!

Wednesday 25th of November 2020

It’s time to turn your dreams into a reality at the perfect setting for relaxation, exploration and rejuvenation. As if the tropical destination was not stunning enough already, the Maldives is ready to impress you with a new boutique island resort beautifully situated in the Vaavu Atoll. Get ready to escape to Cocogiri Island Resort on 1st March 2021!

Amidst the privacy of Vaavu Atoll, this luxury resort offers the highest level of seclusion and exclusivity for guests. Enjoy your evenings watching the sunset dining at the beach restaurant with a range of international cuisine made by the highly experienced team of chefs, or cool off at the bar. Kick-off your adventure vacay with a dive in the tropical reef or raise your adrenaline with the extensive water sports programme.

Cocogiri features 20 water villas and 20 beach villas, all designed with simplicity to preserve and boast the natural beauty of the Maldives but with the utmost sophistication to indulge the Maldivian style and local architectural designs. Wake up to the sound of ocean waves and step out of your room to the white sandy beach, or choose to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean as you gaze away at the endless blues of the ocean.

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