Travel Is More than Seeing the World; It's Seeing the World in a New Way

Travel Is More than Seeing the World; It's Seeing the World in a New Way

Wednesday 25th of November 2020

Have you ever wondered what is it about travel that makes some people so excited? A survey by UK air travel intelligence company OAG found that 69% were planning to travel overseas during the pandemic. People were dying to get out there, discover something new and create unforgettable memories.

People love to travel for different reasons. While some of us enjoy new challenges and learning, others travel to discover themselves and appreciate their lives and those around them. Sure, it’s amazing to see the stunning views, attractions and experience new things but travelling goes beyond your sight. It’s a feeling, a very powerful one that can bring you and your family closer, that can make you more energetic and can teach you a lot of things to change your life.

It’s a journey to a place where you arrive as a guest, leave as a friend and return as family. When you gaze at the magnificent sunrise or sunset from your overwater villa, it reminds you how beautiful the ending of a story can be. But most importantly, it reminds you to always look forward. Just relax in your pool and take some time for yourself because you probably deserve a break.

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