Maldives on the Subway Screens in South Korea

Maldives on the Subway Screens in South Korea

Saturday 19th of June 2021

Prior to the pandemic, South Korea joined the list of top source markets to Maldives, booming into the local tourism sector. In 2019, it ranked in the 12th position and the following year looked promising but since the onset of the pandemic, the nation has been under strict travel restrictions. However, South Koreans who have completed the covid vaccination are exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon re-entry to the country as part of the easement of restriction in the recent times.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Visit Maldives has commenced strategic destination marketing campaigns in this recovering market. It started in April with an educational webinar and virtual roadshow for the South Korean Travel Trade. Enticing information was shared with the participants about the unique products and experiences of an authentic Maldivian holiday. Safety measures and entry requirements which are at a minimal proved popular with the participants of the webinar.

In March, Visit Maldives launched a digital media campaign through Naver, Kakao Talk, Facebook & Instagram-digital platforms that are increasingly popular in the South Korean market.

And recently, an outdoor visibility campaign rolled out which will run for six months. Under this campaign, Maldives will be promoted in Subway screen doors of four major stations and in COEX digital media tunnel, the largest commercial district of Gangnam. Ads on these screens are estimated to reach a diverse audience of up to 450,000 consumers per day.

Simultaneously, a social media campaign will further increase the opportunity to connect offline advertisements with online channels to maximize destination exposure. Passengers will be invited to share photos of the ads with a specific hashtag and to follow the Visit Maldives accounts entitling them for a raffle draw.

The greater strategy for the South Korean Market undertaken by Visit Maldives includes media and influencer familiarization trips, joint promotions with airlines, joint campaigns with local OTA’s and honeymoon agencies as well as print media advertisements further in the year.