New school to be opened

New school to be opened

Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Izzudheen School - Opening in 2020

To respond to the serious issue of lacking school space in the capital city of Male, the Ministry of Education has announced the opening of a new school next year, called Izzudheen School.

The opportunity to request for admission was opened last night. “Admission for grades 2 - 6 can be requested by addressing a letter to the Ministry. The process of selection will be the same as in other schools in Male,” states Education Ministry. Moreover, it was announced that admission will be provided based on the order of requests received.

Izzudheen School will be located at Male English School (MES) building. Although it is a single session school from grades 1 to 10, the initial year will consist only up to grade 6. Grade 7 and the rest of the grades will be introduced starting from 2021.