The influencer brother duo, Sidharth Nigam and Abhishekk Nigham concludes trip to the Maldives!

The influencer brother duo, Sidharth Nigam and Abhishekk Nigham concludes trip to the Maldives!

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

The Familiarization trip, organized as part of Visit Maldives strategy to promote and market the destination as a safe haven and a family-oriented destination comes to a conclusion as the Influencer brother duo, Sidharth Nigam and Abhishekk Nigham depart the country having arrived in the Maldives on 19th September 2021.

The influencers were hosted by Fushifaru Maldives. During this trip, the influencers experienced various amenities available at these properties, including spa and wellness treatments, snorkeling, water sports, and other exclusive experiences unique to the property. They also experienced cuisines available at the world-class restaurants at the properties. Since their arrival, the brother duo has also had their belated birthday celebrations at a sandbank with live music.

The two influencers from India shared their experiences in the Maldives through their social media accounts, contributing to the goal of strengthening our market presence in India. Their experiences highlighted the fun side of life, promoting the family-friendly activities available in the Maldives. The FAM trip is expected to reach an audience of over 10 million followers on different social media platforms of the influencers.

The growing number of arrivals from India to the Maldives in the past couple of years has enabled them to lead in the top 10 source market list for several years and it Is all thanks to familiarization trips such as this one among an ongoing series of trips conducted for the Indian market. So far this year, Visit Maldives has conducted a group media, celebrity, and travel agent's familiarization trip targeting the Indian market. Considering the success of these activities, Visit Maldives has plans to hold other similar trips in the coming months.