Visit Maldives Features At ITB Berlin 2023 After Three-Year Hiatus

Visit Maldives Features At ITB Berlin 2023 After Three-Year Hiatus

Thursday 9th of March 2023

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has returned to ITB Berlin 2023 after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ITB Berlin 2023 fair is being held from 7th-9th March and this year a huge delegation of industry representatives join the team ranging from 91 different companies. On the margins of the ITB Berlin fair, MMPRC also hosted two dedicated events named the ‘Maldives Media Meet’ press conference held on March 7th and the ‘Maldives Evening’ networking event held on 8th March at Grand Hyatt Berlin.

ITB Berlin is among the biggest travel trade exhibitions in the world, providing a platform for more than 10,000 exhibitors and welcoming 160,000 visitors from the travel trade and public. The fair covers all relevant aspects of travelling and the tourism sector including destinations, tour operators, airlines, hotels, bloggers and other prominent stakeholders and key players in the industry.

The Maldives Destination is proudly displayed at a double-decker stand spanning 504 sqm at the Berlin Fair, giving visitors a window to explore the spellbinding beauty promised by the Sunny Side of Life. Every space within the stand is carefully curated to showcase various segments of the Maldives’ tourism industry with features such as romance, seascapes and cultural experiences highlighted amid others.

With participation at an all-time high for the Maldives this year, the Maldives stand hosts over 91 counters and 73 designated tables through which industry partners interact and conduct productive meetings and networking with the global travel trade. Apart from this, cultural performances and gastronomical experiences will take place at the destination including a portrayal of traditional dances and sampling of Maldivian delicacies such as kulhi roshi and foni roshi.

One of the visitors at the Maldives’ stand shared “As soon as you step into the hall, the Maldives’ stand calls you through its sheer magnificence and beauty. The stand alone makes you want to visit the Maldives! It is as if you have carried the vibrance and world-famous hospitality right into Berlin. I had a wonderful time networking with the Maldivian travel and tourism trade. I also tried a kashikeyo drink for the first time, and I can say for sure that I’m flying to the Maldives for more this year”.
An industry partner partaking in the fair alongside MMPRC stated “ITB Berlin is all about networking. Not only do we get to network with the global travel trade community, we also get to network with one another in the industry. The islands of the Maldives may be dispersed, but when we are all under the same roof at the Maldives stand, I can feel the strength and vibrancy of the Maldives travel trade community.”

The Maldivian Evening held on 8th March is an annual networking event held on the sidelines of ITB Berlin that brings together German and International travel trader partners, media representatives, and other stakeholders under one roof. This year, 600 attendees are expected to arrive and many exciting events will be hosted during the evening. This includes all-inclusive free trips to the Maldives and seeing a glimpse of the rich culture, heritage and history of the Maldives. The German market is ranked among the top five highest source markets for the Maldives with the region contributing 6.6% to the market share.